circle_massage_edmontonReflexology is an energetic approach that activate the body’s self-healing capacity by applying pressure on zones and reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears linked to different organs or biological functions of the human body. Reflexology is both invigorating and relaxing.

Bowen Technique

circle_massage_edmonton_2Developed by Australian Thomas Bowen (1916-1982), this gentle and safe technique acts upon two of the body’s main regulatory systems (the nervous system and energetic system) to bring back and maintain a state of balance. The technique involves rolling motions along the muscles, tendons and fascia. These movements help the body to realign itself.

Massage Therapy

circle_massage_edmonton_3Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete or simply performing daily activities, your muscles may be weak or sore. This fatigue is often caused by a lack of muscular elasticity or an increase in lactic acid. Using a wide range techniques, a massage therapy will activate blood flow and help to reduce muscular and nervous tension. Massage also helps release and eliminate toxins, thus boosting the body’s digestive and immune systems. Massage therapy can bring real wellbeing to everyone!


circle_massageConsidered an alternative medicine, Reiki is a Japanese technique involving channeling and transferring “universal life form energy” through the palms of the practitioner. Reiki helps the body to regenerate efficiently and in a subtle way to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Seated Massage

circle_massage_edmonton_8You have a busy schedule ahead and no time to receive a full body massage to remove those tensions and knots?

A 10 –15 minutes seated massage could be the answer. Sitting on a comfortable and ergonomic chair, the massage is performed fully clothed. The therapist focuses on the tension areas such as shoulders, back, neck, arms and hands. After a short session you will feel energized, more relaxed and ready to work. This can be provided at the clinic or at your office.


30 minutes                          $45.00

60 minutes                          $85.00

90 minutes                          $120.00

Seated massage             $1.00 / min

*(taxes included)
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